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Kendrick Lamar draws in a crowd Theres no doubt that Kendrick Lamar’s presence alone would’ve brought the largest crowd to the San Diego Fair! We sat down to shoot about 30 minutes before the show started, after standing on the side before entering the media pit. The second the bass made even the slightest sound the crowd was up out of their seats, definitely one of our favorite scenes and genre’s to shoot, the hip-hop crowd is like no other. Give the stage fresh talent, whether it be brand new or never got old, and you wont see anyone sitting down. It was 2003, at the age of 16 that Kendrick released his first mixed tape. It wasn’t until his 4th mixed tape, Overly Dedicated, which he released in 2010 that he started to gain the attention of many. After an independent album in 2011, his label debut Good Kid, m.A.A.d city was released in 2012. This is when things were officially set in motion. Swimming Pools, B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe and Poetic Justice, naming the top 3 songs that almost anyone who appreciates the genre of Hip Hop knows. Earlier this year Kendrick was said to be the “The Hottest MC In The Game” by MTV. Ten years ago is where it officially started, now we’re in 2013 and I don’t see Kendrick coming down any time soon. We’re looking forward to his next show, will we see you there?

Take a look at the photos from Kendrick’s show: Here

Photo credit: Bethany Unwin Photography

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